3 Words for 2012

Instead of coming up with new years resolutions I probably won't stick to anyway, this time I will try to put words on my wishes for the new year and for the goals I want to set for myself. I will try to work on using these words in order to remember and implement what is important to me and to make sure that I reach the goals I have set.
So here they come:

FOCUS - Keeping the eye on what's important, being better at getting absorbed in the moment; the moment of a conversation, the moment of a kiss, the moment of a problem that needs to be solved.

BE - Allowing myself to be where I am - both physically and mentally in the present, but also just to be at the stage I am at. Accepting the level of my skills opening up for improvement and TRUSTING THE PROCESS in order to be able to see the results along the way.

FLOW - Working on the most important things and eliminating all distractions.

'Be here. Be present. Where ever you are, be there.'
- Willie Nelson

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