3 Words for 2012

Instead of coming up with new years resolutions I probably won't stick to anyway, this time I will try to put words on my wishes for the new year and for the goals I want to set for myself. I will try to work on using these words in order to remember and implement what is important to me and to make sure that I reach the goals I have set.
So here they come:

FOCUS - Keeping the eye on what's important, being better at getting absorbed in the moment; the moment of a conversation, the moment of a kiss, the moment of a problem that needs to be solved.

BE - Allowing myself to be where I am - both physically and mentally in the present, but also just to be at the stage I am at. Accepting the level of my skills opening up for improvement and TRUSTING THE PROCESS in order to be able to see the results along the way.

FLOW - Working on the most important things and eliminating all distractions.

'Be here. Be present. Where ever you are, be there.'
- Willie Nelson


Ball with attitude and tail

So I finally got myself together and uploaded some more of the very first assignments we had. This one is the ball with attitude and tail. But alas, as you can see, mine has no tail... But what the hey, they can't all make it :)


Bouncing Ball with Tail

Bouncing Ball with Tail from Cristina Bojesen on Vimeo.

This is one of the first animations I made when we had Mike Polvani - the bouncing ball with fox tail :)



A drawing of Stitch from the Disney feature 'Lilo & Stitch' - the assignment is to create 5 seconds of animation in which Stitch sees a fruit in a tree at a beach. He has to end up with having the fruit, but how he gets it we can decide ourselves. This drawing is not one of the story keys, I just made it to practice my abilities to draw the little devil. The course is called 'Drawing For Animation' and we have the pleasure of the lovely Frederik Villumsen and Henrik Sønniksen as our teachers.


Welcome to my new blog! This first post is a picture of the extremely talented animator, Mike Polvani, whom we had for the basic animation class. It was a very inspiring month and I learned so many new things!